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All our plans are clubbed with 24/7 unrestricted support services through toll free number calls, emails, chats and Remote Desktop Control.

Important Notes

  • Avail MS Office hosting services @ $16.95/month
  • Rock-solid cloud infrastructure built over remote servers running on 15000 RPM SAS disks and RAID 10 technology
  • Comprehensive data center setup at locations including Dallas, Seattle and Phoenix
  • High-capacity HVAC systems are implemented for safety of temperature differences
  • Migration of hosted applications from any server to RTCS servers is absolutely free of cost
  • Users can avail one month of free hosting services in the event of cloud migration from in-house setup or some other service provider
  • Our data centers are equipped with a cumulative bandwidth of over 20Gbps delivered over 7 Internet Backbone Providers
  • Security assured with tight constraints on virtual and physical safety of RTCS cloud environment

QuickBooks Hosting Services

QuickBooks online Hosting is a comprehensive software tool that is deployed by most of the small and medium scale businesses and individual clients to faultlessly manage their finances. The implementation of this easy-to-use application as a part of the business plan can be simplified by following the cloud pathway. The concept of cloud evolved as a means to deliver seamless functionality to small and medium scale businesses and individual clients in a cost-effective manner.

Who needs QuickBooks web hosting?

  • Small business startups that need to implement accounting department with simultaneous access of QB to various accountants but fall short of finances to implement the same in an on-premise mode.
  • Since accountants are generally unaware of the ways to deal with IT hassles, the need of experts is essential. QuickBooks cloud computing is set up and managed entirely by third party vendors thereby eliminating any IT issues.
  • Business organizations that require various users to login from a number of destinations and work in a virtual environment from wherever they are.
  • CPAs looking for easy solutions to manage their operations from any place, any time and through any device that supports internet.
  • Organizations with limited workspace and capital resources but with the need of multi-user accounting environment.
  • CPAs who plan to collaborate with their clients in a real-time situation and who wish to manage the information exchange without bearing the burden of uploading and downloading files to and fro.

Why Hosted QuickBooks?

Reduction in IT costs:

Business clients’QuickBooks data and applications are installed and run over remote servers that are held by the third party service provider. This saves most of the expenditure that would otherwise be involved in setting up, maintaining and upgrading the infrastructure.

Access on the go:

Users can access their QB applications and data from anywhere, anytime if they have access to internet through any mobile device. With this service, the interaction between CPAs and clients seems easy as they can share the common data which can be accessed by both at the same time.

Enhanced Desktop Functionality:

Migration to the cloud eases functionality by introducing an exceptional level of flexibility. All business operations can be managed by employees from anywhere without losing the actual power of the acquainted applications.

Make your choices:

With QuickBooks hosting solutions, the users can use various versions of QB at the same time from their remote server. There are no additional charges for this. They can have as many versions installed on their servers as they desire. The users just need to hold the licenses to every version they need.

Multi-User Access:

QuickBooks enterprise hostingallows all multiple users to access their company file at the same time. The centralization of data at a single host location keeps the data updated despite its use in a shared environment where multiple users can introduce the changes.

Matchless Reliability:

Avail seamless reliability through our securely-clustered, Tier IV infrastructure established in disaster-free zones for ensuring minimum chances of any calamity hitting the place. Customer information is backed at various locations to be retrieved if by any chance it gets associated lost.

Process of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks in the cloud is a revolutionary venture that has given a new edge to accounting. The desktop functionality of QB can sometimes bind the users to a certain place. Hosting offers great level of flexibility as there is no specific equipment that the users have to be in touch with. The process of hosting your sensitive financial information on the cloud is quite simple. The users need to hold the licenses to their QB application. Even if they don’t possess the same, it can be leased from the service provider.

Remote hosting servers are used to host the client applications and related files and data. Based on client demand, the server environment can be shared or dedicated. However, to ensure safety of financial information, dedicated servers are preferred over shared ones.

The specific applications are installed on QuickBooks online cloud and the login details to the server are provided to the clients. Using these credentials, the users can login from anywhere and start working on their applications.

Tailor-made solutions

One of the biggest benefits of using Cloud QuickBooks is the introduction of great flexibility in business requirements and operations. Clients can moderate their requirements as per their will and solutions can be tailored to form the perfect fit for their needs.
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